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Every woman wants to look good and get noticed in the crowd. Have you ever wondered how they manage to do this? They wear expensive dresses and jewelry, above all every women loves to put on makeup styles to get attraction mostly from males. What is makeup? Makeup has a long history, since the times of ancient civilizations, worth mentioning here are Egyptian civilization where women and men both used natural resources to transform them into beautiful individuals.

In those ancient times flowers, leaf extracts along with many minerals crushed colored stones even the blood of animals served as their cosmetics. So now is the right time to answer a simple question, what is makeup? Fashion world typically defines the makeup as any human friendly application of material on your face to enhance your beauty. The modern world of fashion has unlimited man-made material choices that can be used for makeup, many makeup brands compete with each other to promote and prove their makeup products.

Makeup over the years has turned into a profession, many people search internet for makeup ideas, read makeup tutorials, find tips for makeup, lot of makeup magazines have articles on the latest makeup products , beauticians and makeup artists write makeup reviews on cosmetic products. Women today have lots of choices now to find out what kind of makeup suits their skin type, how they can do makeup quickly and with looks to kill.

Women have sensitive skin, but hey! You don’t have to worry, as one can now easily find makeup products that are health friendly to your skin but they will also provide you protection against the rays and the heat of the sun. Most of the makeup products have ingredients that have the quality to withstand the environmental conditions. It is always wise to know your skin type before choosing and certain brand cosmetics.

I personally feel that every woman should at least know what ingredient their cosmetic palette is made of just in case if their skin is allergic to any chemical composition. Makeup products composed of water in oil emulsions and contains sunscreen agents, moisturizing agents, skin firming agents, free radical scavengers and cosmetically approved pigments. Lipsticks we use are composed of waxy or fatty base, dyes and perfumes.The base is made up of lanolin, paraffin or a mixture of both. Dyesare coming, fuchsine, cudbear, Essen or geranium red. Rouge contain chemicals like zinc oxide, chalk, dyes and perfumes.


Do you want to know some interesting and amazing fact about makeup, here are some, sit back and enjoy!!

Amazing facts about makeup:

1. In ancient times cosmetics was used to scare enemies, show social status and for black magic purpose.

2. Before blusher was invented women used to pinch their cheeks to give them rosy color.

3. The world’s first lipstick was discovered by archaeologists 5000 years ago in the Sumerian city of yours.

4. Yardley London is the oldest cosmetic company still running. It started in 1620

5. The first deodorant was mum deodorant which was developed in Philadelphia in 1889.

6. World’s oldest nail polish were made in china the traces dates back to 3000BC

7. Max factor is the father of makeup which practically invented everything.

8. Loreal is the worlds largest beauty products company which has more than 20 brands.

9. The topmost brand with A+ ratings is Japanese brand Shiseido. its one of the oldest brands too.

10. House of Guerlain’s is the founder of perfumery, they experimented with fragrances and combine natural and synthetic ingredients and were the first to bring science and cosmetics together.

11. Channel 5 is the most famous perfume which is sold at a rate of a bottle every 30 seconds.

12. The most famous and beloved makeup artist is Kelvin Aucoin, his clients included hundred of celebrities and supermodels.

13. Rimmel invented the first mascara.

14. Creme de la mer is the moisturizing cream of the A list of celebrities and women from all over the world.

15. In geisha facials nightingale faeces are used as a mask. It’s supposed to reduce wrinkles and a good Exfoliator.

16. Graftobian( face painter) provides first professional HD face painting.

17. Nestle (Swiss food giant) owns a 28 % share in Lorelei.

18. 100% natural mineral makeup products are made in Canada.

19. World’s top facial skin care and colour cosmetics brand is artistry.

20. The worlds highest rate of cosmetic surgery is made in the united states.

Sure to beware of them before you apply.

Pro and cons of makeup: 

Coin and story both have two sides as we all know,this rule applies to makeup as well. before applying make up one should be aware of its pro and cons.

Pros: Makeup done by talented hands hide your flaws and boost your confidence. it also enhances your features to its utmost level.

Cons: The major con of using makeup is the adverse effect it has over your skin. many makeup products are gentle on your skin but it doesn’t include all, many people use makeup to cover their flaws which make them addicted to it. the chemicals used in different makeup products cause damage to skin cells and in some extreme cases may cause skin cancer. people with dry skin have acne problems due to the excessive use of makeup products which clog skin pores. expired makeup products can be harmful and sharing others makeup products can be infectious too as it results in transferring skin diseases.

In my opinion full awareness of your skin type and makeup products you are using is required. feeling beautiful is a dream come true for every woman and makeup provides that helping tool to look good. its in your hands how to use the makeup tool and make it beneficial.


Women and men these days both want to look good, make trends change daily with new techniques of application and product that ranges to many brands. Latest technology also helps improve healthy and skin friendly makeup products. The future holds great potential for both the consumers and the manufacturers in the field of fashion makeup.

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