5 Wedding Makeup Ideas


Wedding Makeup ideas

Wedding Makeup ideas

Wedding is the most special occasion in anyone’s life, you need to look different, stylish, unique and above all most beautiful among the gathering, so that all eyes fix on you, catch the attention of all immediately and why not?, Its your special day after all and you need to be in the spotlight, for that you have to take extra care of your looks, do not let your makeup overwhelm your own natural God given beauty, every single female is keen and worried about their looks regarding the wedding day, keeping in mind being the center of attraction, all of us wanted new and dramatic makeup for the special occasion.
Makeup artist constantly experimenting with new makeup looks and trends for the sole satisfaction of the brides which results in new unique wedding makeup ideas, the continuous effort of the makeup artist and the brides together emerge in the form of interesting, refreshing, unique, dramatic wedding makeup being highlights of any wedding. You have to keep in mind tiny little things like taking a picture of yourself in day light with makeup on or wearing a white T shirt and doing a test makeup to see the effect against a pale background, if you the want the best results you have to take care of all the small yet important aspects of makeup before getting ready for your big day.

Get refreshing new ideas for your wedding and be the talk of the town after reading my sorted out wedding makeup plans, especially formulated for all the lovely upcoming brides who are keen to experiment latest trendy makeup looks.

1. Fake Tan

Tan look is in trend nowadays, if you wanted a fake tan look for your wedding you have to take the trial at least 3 weeks before your special day, the trial should not exceed than 5 weeks, your makeup artist should give you a makeup test in order to sort out which tones goes with your tan skin, so that he has the liberty to experiment different new shades of makeup, which compliment with your fake tan skin, M.A.C senior makeup artist Rebecca Butter-worth stressed on the importance of a trial makeup which goes with tan look, especially if want a different dramatic look for your wedding makeup.

2. Bring Reference

It’s important that you bring reference along with you on your trial makeup, the images of our makeup looks which you like and the one’s which you do not like, the images where people appreciate you a lot must be taken as a reference for your makeup artist, so that he feels at ease doing his artistry and provide the best possible results to you on your wedding day, if you like makeup of any celebrity make sure to take their images as well and discuss with your makeup artist, if your makeup artist could come up with mix and match through experimentation and satisfy your curious makeup looks.

3. Color Balance

Wedding dress whiteness should be equally balanced by adding the exact amount of color to your makeup so that it merge well with your whole attire and won’t look overdone, the wedding dress is different from your daily routine, it should be compensated with a makeup which is different, yet is smooth and evenly complimented along with the dress, remember you are the lady of the evening and should look like one as well, do mention and discuss this important thing to your makeup artist, add proper color to your cheeks and glow to your lips, conceal your under eye dark circles with a concealer which gives brightness and masks the dullness under your eyes. Your looks should be balanced with your hairstyle and dress.

4. Individual Eyelashes

Individual eyelashes provide natural decor to your eyes and are a good means to make your eyes stand out in spite of using the full fake eyelash strip, these individual eye lashes are far more subtle than the old full strip lashes, these lashes are fixed among your natural lashes in different lengths giving them a fluttery look without being artificial, these lashes are in trend, giving your eyes the natural dramatic look you rightly need on your wedding makeup, finish your eye makeup with a highlighter shade on the brow bone area, giving your eyes the proper pop up look, the shade should be lighter matte which accentuates the brow bone area subtly along with your eyes.

5. Wear Long Lasting Makeup

Among all the other factors which are the main focus of your unique wedding makeup like smooth skin, well groomed brows, fluttery lashes, you should also concentrate on the duration of your makeup, the best makeup should last as long as you like it to be, you should opt for prolonged wear makeup products for your wedding makeup, keeping these basic factors in mind all the rest of your makeup automatically falls in places.
Keep on researching on the application methods which are different from everyday makeup routine and have dramatic results, follow all these wedding makeup ideas and do not forget to choose an exotic place and food for your big occasion, together all these aspects make your wedding day the most pleasurable and memorable event.

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