Simple Makeup Routine

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Simple Makeup Routine

Women all across the globe are makeup freaks and like to buy each and every makeup product which they could lay their hands on, as a result of which we have piles of makeup collection in our possession, the majority of which often remain untouched, as many of us are makeup illiterates in spite of the tons of information available through different media, we often get confused about the cosmetic products useful in our daily makeup wear, what products to keep in our belongings?, what to discard which miss match our skin tones and types?, what is the exact procedure to use a particular cosmetic product?, what products are best for our daily simple makeup routine?, the solution to all these confusing questions arising in our minds lies in the hands of professional makeup experts, who are skilled and the right guide for us regarding this aspect of beauty.

Sorting out the information regarding simple makeup routine, I like to enlighten you friends some very easy and basic steps required, follow these steps and get ready in less time than you think wearing your simple makeup, which is close to the natural look, before starting go through your makeup possessions, toss all the cosmetic belongings of yours and carefully follow your makeup expert advice and decide which one’s to keep, give away the rest of the products which you bought on an impulse, it’s a hard job I know to give away your favorite products, but believe me after doing this it would be easier for you to do your simple makeup, keep the chosen products in neat piles in your makeup box or a closet where you keep your cosmetics.

Now start your simple makeup routine like I do and observe the huge difference it makes to your simple makeup appearance, Before makeup application wash your face with a good face wash and prepare your skin by treating it with a good moisturizer.

1. Foundation Application

Foundation application is the basic step as it makes the surface flawless and neat on which other cosmetic products act and appear, you must have the foundation according to your skin tone and type, if you have dry skin make sure to use moisturizer before foundation application, if you have two tone skin, got acne marks, dark circles under eyes, then you must also use concealer according to your skin tone and type, add a drop of moisturizer on your applicator brush and then apply 4 layers of concealer to the affected area you want to mask and blend well with the brush until and unless you no longer see the tone difference, on forehead use the brush strokes in back and forth direction, on cheek make sure the directions are down and away from the center of your face, on the chin area repeat the back and forth strokes, your foundation blend well with your skin and gave you flawless skin.

2. Powder And Bronzer Application

Next step in your simple makeup routine is wearing a proper tone of face powder which matches your foundation, a small brush is what you need for your face powder application, blend the powder onto your face in soft circular movements of the brush, this way your powder is buffered into your skin and gave you a natural neat look, after you are done with your powder, next is to contour your face properly with a well defined bronzer, face contouring is the most important step in any makeup application, it makes the features of your face more prominent whereas in the same time it hide the flaws of your facial features properly, it takes a skill to make use of your bronzer properly according to your features, we should use bronzer in night makeup where it is needed the most and avoid it during daylight, large fluffy brush is what you need for applying bronzer, start applying bronzer to your cheeks in up and downwards movements at the outer parts of your cheeks and gradually proceed the brush strokes on the inner portions of your cheeks, similarly treat the other side of the cheek, finish off with circular movements of the brush on the chin, neck and forehead.

3. Blush Application

Blush gives your face the proper color it needs and balances out your face, soft, fluffy dense brush is required for the application of blusher, pink and peach shades of blusher are best for the simple makeup, smile and apply blush onto the apples of your cheeks.

4. Eye Shadow Application

It’s very interesting to learn and know the simple makeup for eyes, it’s easy as well, first cover your entire lid with bone colored shadow, you can use your finger if you have no fluffy brush for eye shadow application, use a dense shadow next and work at the bottom of your lid and go up along your crease, make sure to dab the shadow with a brush rather than sweeping it, this way you could control the shadow color and prevent it from falling on to your cheeks, use an angled brush for eyeliner application, take powder liner for best results, for natural makeup look mascara alone can do wonders to define your eyes, dab the mascara wand first into a tissue and then wriggles it on to your lashes and sweep in upward direction. Now you are done with defining your eyes into proper shape and depth.

5. Lipstick Application

Last step in your simple makeup routine is painting your lips with proper color and gloss according to the requirement, pink and peach lip colors with coral gloss compliment your simple makeup look, if you want brighter colors in less intensity than just dab the color on to your lower lip and rub both the lips to get the faintest touch of color and then apply gloss on top to intensify the color a bit more.
Lastly observe yourself in the mirror and see the difference this easy and simple makeup routine has made in your whole personality, you will see a natural looking soft image of yourself with a promise to be admired.

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