DIY: Mask To Lighten Skin Tone


Everyone wants to be perfect and have a flawless clear skin but disappointingly no one is , this does not mean that we should give up and lose hope. Every problem has a solution its just that you have to work hard to find it out and be patient for its results. Almost everyone suffers from dark areas especially knees, elbows, underarms etc. The remedy to this problem is simple and very useful with excellent results.

Ingredients of the mask to lighten skin:


Lemon juice

Rose water

All you need is glycerin, lemon juice and rose water, all these things are already in your home otherwise they are easily available in the market. Mix all three things in a jar in equal quantities like one tablespoon of each, lemon juice, rose water and glycerin, mix them well, apply this home made lotion on your affected areas before going to bed, with regular use you will find signs of your problem gone, this lotion will bring a healthy glow to your skin and bring back its smooth texture, even skin tone.

Avoid going in day light with this lotion on your skin, I am sure it will help you resolve your problem.

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