How To Choose a Makeup Artist School?

Makeup Artist Schools

Makeup Artist Schools

Makeup artist’s profession is not an easy one as it seems to most of the people, interesting makeup artistry profession demands tough and hectic routine and extreme dedication of the makeup artists. Although the profession does not require a license or a degree from a particular school or makeup college but in order to get to know the basics of the makeup and to have an edge over others, a professional makeup artist should acquire a degree from the renowned makeup artist school to polish the God given skills.

Before choosing a particular makeup school the things which an artist should keep in mind include the specialization regarding the field in which a makeup artist has to proceed in future. The list of the makeup artist schools in your vicinity is countless, its quite confusing for an upcoming makeup artist to choose for himself or herself the best school according to the talent which he or she possess. Once an artist is determined about the school , the next step is to collect all the details of the school, the degree’s and the courses it offers, this could be done online as well, as all the details of the schools are one click away from you.

The makeup artists who like to consider this profession seriously should have the knowledge regarding this career and here’s what you freshies interested in being a licensed makeup artist need to know.

Consider the Avenue of  Makeup Artistry You like to Focus:

There are many cosmetic brands which offer degrees in makeup but to make the solid base of the makeup artists, it’s best that they get a degree from a good cosmetology or makeup artist schools. Before the search of a suitable makeup artist school its considered the best that you decide the avenue of the makeup artistry which you like to focus on. If you are interested in doing makeup for films, dramas, theater, fashion industry, or private functions, celebrity makeup, then you have to look for the makeup artistry schools which suits best or are close to your needs. The makeup artist schools should be affordable and meet your financial needs and your schedule as well. If you find the school accordingly then prepare yourself to start a profession where you gather all the excitement and use all your creative talent in giving people their best looks.

The Role of a Makeup Artist:

The makeup artist makes use of the cosmetic products and the brushes along with other applicator tools to apply makeup on the face and body of the clients, the makeup artist not only master the art of application of makeup on the faces of celebrities and other people but they also show expertise in the field of communication, they manage to coordinate with directors, actors, dancers, musicians, models, photographers and other crew related with the cosmetic film and fashion industry. The proper communication skill between the makeup artist and their clients lead them towards positive results and achieving their goals related to their future in the cosmetic industry. This proper association gives them a major amount of clientage and exposure which is essential for their success.

Aim of the Makeup Artist School:

The aim of the makeup artistry schools is to provide the students basic knowledge of makeup. They offer different learning programs to fulfill this aim, these programs give awareness to the students about the tools and techniques of makeup application and keep them updated. The artist gain information about the facial structures, skin tones and different complementary colors, they also get to know abut the infections and their controls, lighting, and correct use of makeup application, this is done by practicing on different faces and getting to know the latest makeup products and techniques. The makeup artist school guides the students about different theories and procedures by letting them work with different facial structures and skin tones and giving them a free hand in using their creativity. Advanced makeup designs, artist client consultation and the sanitation standards are also taught in makeup artistry schools.

Job Opportunities for Makeup Artist:

The vast field of cosmetics application offers many opportunities towards the path of success, the makeup artists are lucky enough to work in the entertainment industry of fashion, while others are employed as a professional makeup artist in television, theater, films, music videos, working as a professional makeup artist in print media is another good option, they could be hired for dance companies, theater groups, beauty pageant contestants. The makeup artist doing prosthetic makeup, special effects makeup and 3d makeup is in demand. The role of the makeup artist in the retail field, in spa’s and salons cannot be denied.

Choosing a Makeup Artist School:

It’s quite difficult, time consuming and rather wastage of money if you pick up the wrong school for you, there are certain things which should be considered and some questions should be answered according to your satisfaction before you opt for the right school. What are the specials which make best makeup artist school?. To answer this question lot of things should be considered like course work, instructors and student services, first you have to decide which field of makeup department you are interested in? Whether it’s a backstage of a couture show or back-lots of Hollywood film industry, or you want to create a latex nose or a smoky eye, and if the school you are choosing offers programs where the staff could help you achieve your interests?.

The most important thing to consider about a makeup artist school is if the school is operating according to the local educational laws?. The laws regarding the makeup school vary from state to state and country to country, the students should first of all confirm if the school is licensed or accredited?. These two are separate criteria in the sense that for example take the state of California, where the licensing is issued by the state and so are the related facilities, whereas accreditation is provided and governed by non governmental agencies.

The accreditation and license is important why?. You could hire a non licensed person for your household work but that won’t give you a recourse. The license is legal compliance where as the accreditation is voluntary and helps in insuring more compliance and quality.

Makeup Quote by Richard Corliss

Makeup Quote by Richard Corliss

The other major things which should be kept in mind before choosing a makeup artistry school are:


It’s very important to make sure that the staff is qualified or not and do they have certification and experience ?. If a student is satisfied with the teaching quality and the amount of attention they would get from the teachers only then they would be able to do freehand creative work.


The curriculum is another important factor before you choose a school. What the school is offering and if the curriculum is according to your needs?. and how much practical work is allowed in the school. All the answers to these questions should be met before you choose a particular makeup artist school.


The school is providing a kit for makeup or not and if they are providing the kit what are the products in it? These questions should also be asked from the administration so as to access your own expenditures.

Physical Space:

The other thing which should be looked upon is the physical space of the school, if the school is Crowdy? The lecture room is spacious enough, the lab is ventilated or not where the chemicals are used?. The safety precautions are met or not , the quality of supervision according to safety measures is given or not, all these things should be considered.

Hours of Instruction:

How many hours of instruction are provided to the students ?. And how many hours are necessary for the student to complete graduation?. The attendance and grade policies should be asked for the administration as well.

Financial Aid Availability:

The other important thing a student should consider is that if the financial aid is available in the school?. and what are the other important student services a school is offering.

School Location:

The school location is another basic and important factor, the location for the school should be safe and easily accessible to public transport.

The School provides Certificate or Diploma?:

It’s important to make sure the school is providing certificate, diploma or license to its graduates. And where does these certificates would lead the students towards?.

Internship Availability:

Some schools provide internships to its students and offer career services and help in job placements, the students should verify such things as well before joining a certain makeup artist school.

The Opinion of the Graduates of the School:

The opinion and say of the past graduates of the school is another important factor, what do they say and what are they currently doing after graduating from the school?.

Compare different Schools:

Good students should tour different makeup artist schools which offer similar courses and then decide where they suit best. And also inquire about the complaints regarding the particular school, if the reputation of the school is good or not?. The students should choose a school keeping all the above mentioned points in mind and decide the school according to his or her professional landing in the future.

There are many schools all over the world which are considered best makeup artist schools, let me share some with you:


This private school specializes in liberal arts and communication, the students get a certificate in makeup from Bobbi brown program in makeup, which covers lightning and makeup techniques used in films, TV and photography.


The cosmetology department of this college offers diploma, certificate, associate degree program in aesthetics, instruction about makeup artistry and facial massage techniques are taught here, eye lash and bow tinting applications are also provided in this college.


This college offers certificate in cosmetology services, the students are taught methods related with body and face health. Different courses related to cleansing and activating skin glads are offered here which help students in the future to work as assistants with cosmetic surgeons.


This school from New York offers aesthetic program where theory is combined with hand on learning .


This renowned college of America has nine divisions which covers 87 areas of study related to the makeup artistry latest techniques.


This collage includes certificate related to aesthetic technology and offer programs related to aesthetic instructor.


This college offers cosmetology program through Hawaii university.


This makeup artistry college is well known for incorporating business topics in their cosmetology programs.


This makeup artistry college offers courses which deal with cosmetic chemistry.


In this makeup artistry school students learn the aesthetic programs in which they are trained to deal with facial machines.

These were the few renowned top class makeup artistry schools among many others, these schools are vocational which teach practical skills and polish the inner talent of the students. For the students who are interested in being makeup artists my advice is to keep the foundation solid and don’t compromise on it, and make sure you choose a makeup artist school which suits your needs best. Good luck.

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