Makeup Artist Salary

Makeup Artist Salary

Makeup Artist Salary

Whenever we see a model, actress, model for runways, model advertising for a certain product, brides, the wow look is appreciated by all, the flawless closer to artificial look these people have is the artistry done on them by the skillful hands of the makeup artist. These talented people give lots of variations to the external looks of people, they mold actors into characters, makeup artist makes the special occasion of a person life remember-able, they prepare the actors and models and make them ready and desirable in front of the camera, the makeup artist creates special effects in the films making monsters and weird creatures and give them life. Makeup professional nowadays have evolved themselves as a scientific creators who creates personalities and imaginative characters.

These are the people who boost the confidence of the stars of the fashion and film, theater, television industry. The job of the makeup artist requires good training from a recognized makeup institute, where their skills are polished to its extreme. When these artists are fully trained they enter into the extremely bulging industries of fashion and makeup, these attractive industries require the full potential of an artist and pay them according to their talent and experience in the field.

Many makeup artist does not have any understanding of how to enter in the industry practically and earn according to their potential, the best way to learn is to have an apprenticeship with the already established artist in the industry, this way they get to learn the tips and guidelines of the trade and plus gain the experience also, makeup artist occupation is limited to a handful of people, according to the Bureau of labor statistics in 2011 only 2,040 makeup artist were doing their job in united states.

Salary in Hollywood:

Hollywood is the famous and the biggest film industry, according to the BLS ( bureau of labor statistics) the makeup artist who works in the motion picture industry of Hollywood get the best salary of about $80,000 annually in comparison to the salary of the makeup artist who work else which is in between 30,000 to 40,000. These makeup artist got tough competition for this type of job to earn that much.

The job offered are few and the chances are far between, according to one publicized report the current makeup artist working in the Hollywood industry is able to handle the job for every movie which is being made for the next 10 years. This ratio is very disappointing for the new upcoming makeup artists for films, but the real facts won’t discourage you at all, if you got the skill, talent, assertiveness and luck with networking , the combination of all these may work out for you and end up with a solid position in Hollywood studio.

Salary In Modeling/Photography Field:

In modelling or photography field the makeup artist has the chances to avail more opportunities. The new artist could start up by working as a freelancer and make their work recognizable in the field. As it always takes time to build the relationship with already established professional photographers and modelling agencies, the daily earning of the new freelance makeup artist is between $400 to $600 whereas experienced makeup artist earn between $1,200 to $2,000 daily. The disadvantage of being freelance worker is that regular basis of earnings won’t be achievable like the workers who work 5 days and 40 hours on a weekly basis. The freelance makeup artist earns about $25,000 to $50,000 annually, for these workers to boost their income they should think of working in saloons, where they could make contacts and add to their experience.

Salary In Theater:

The makeup artist who provides their talent to actors of the theater get the chance to travel across the world along with the stage company. They utilize their talents in making the older characters look young and young characters look old, according to the requirements of the script, these makeup artists of the stage mold the character’s disability and imperfections in a way that it looks real. The work of the makeup artist depends on the run of the stage show, the longer the run more will be the earnings, according to the survey carried out in 2008 the average annual earnings of the makeup artist employed in theater were $26,000.

Makeup artist working in other states of the united states like in New York or California might earn a bit more in comparison to other places but they have to keep this fact in mind that these states have more expensive cost of living than in others, which results in tougher competition for the job of makeup artists, the other states where you could find good earning jobs according to your professional skills are Las Vegas, RENO.

Average Salary of the Makeup Artist in UNITED STATES:

The BLS survey revealed the makeup artist working in the united states in 2011 got the annual earnings of about $64,000 whereas the hourly income is about $30. Half of the makeup artist income range in between $27,000 and $89,000, the makeup artist which is paid at lower rates earn less than$25, 000 annually, and highly paid makeup artists earning goes up till $120,000 only.

Job Outlook According To BLS:

According to the BLS report the growth of jobs in the field of makeup artist is very slow, its expected that only 100 jobs would be available for the makeup artist for the next decade, keeping in mind the retirement or turnover of the current established makeup artist the BLS prediction is of 800 jobs available in the upcoming 10 years, this slow growth of the jobs opportunity in comparison to the rate of popularity of the film industry results in tough competition for makeup artist in this profession.

Salary of Makeup Artist in India:

The new makeup artist in the Indian film industry earns 15,000 INR (Indian rupees), where as the freelance makeup artist could earn round about 25,000 INR per month. The makeup artist from the fashion industry are earning a lot more than this, they are getting double the amount of income than the fresh artist of the film industry, the established and well known makeup artist of course earn more, which have a reputation of their own, as experience always pays.

The makeup artist profession is exciting as well as extremely profitable if you establish yourself well in the field. The preparation , training in the profession is tough and the job opportunities are scanty, the tip for all the upcoming struggles in this field is to stay put, work in beauty salons, as in apprenticeship with senior makeup artists, slowly gain experience and make contacts with the established personals of the field, make strong portfolio and do not lose heart, as the fruit of patience and struggle is always sweet.

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