Makeup Artist Profession

Makeup Artist Professional

Makeup Artist Profession

The makeup artist profession is not as easy as it seems, in particular every profession needs dedication and hard work to achieve success. During student life a student wants to achieve heights is social as well as professional life, in order to seek the peak of professional life a student main aim should be the area of interest, you could achieve success only if you are interested in a certain field you intend to take on in your future life, many students are confused at the end of their school session and go for a seemingly easier provision of makeup artist, the carrier looks very attractive and mouth watering. The profession is both challenging and rewarding if it’s done with dedication.

There are many subdivisions in the makeup artist profession like working at a local saloon, the opportunity to work in film or theater, working in the fashion industry, freelance working for celebrities, there are many categories available in the makeup industry , the makeup artist has many choices in which field they wanted to work or specialize in. Widely emerging makeup industry is heavily dependent on the skills of many a makeup artist who are specialized in different categories of makeup


Choices Of a Makeup Artist:

The plenty of choices from which a new makeup artist could avail from include theater, film, television, spa, fashion, weddings, nail art. Special makeup effects are required in film or television, where certain injury or disease is shown by makeup and certain character is portrayed on screen which only exists in imagination by special makeup effects. The training’s of this special makeup are offered by many makeup schools and academies available in the country. Different techniques of applying makeup are prevailing in the film and television industry like airbrushing with materials, silicon, latex, gelatin, by which the character age is changed, the use of prosthetic makeup, applying tattoos on the face and body of the characters is done according to the demand of the character. Working in television and films could be done on permanent or temporary basis that to depend on the demand of the makeup artist in a certain field.

Different jobs are available in the field of makeup artistry like cinema, theater. In these fields live performance area is full of diversity, the makeup artistry demands are also diverse and the creativity and skills of the talented makeup artist are put to task. In theaters, opera productions, circus, rock show all require good makeup artists’ skills. Working on these media’s needs the makeup artist full dedication and awareness about the demand of the character and the design labels. Working as an independent saloon owner is another option for upcoming makeup artists who could be successful after building their own arena of client-age and become famous in that.

The diverse field of makeup artistry is not taken seriously by many people, but in reality the importance of makeup artists cannot be denied in the makeup industry where these magicians create magic with their skills and are responsible in making actors stars and in some lucky cases legends. The off screen stars whose work are depicted on screen are not noticed in spite of their great efforts. Before getting into any profession its always advised to consider the cons and pro’s of the profession on which your future life would depend solely.

Pro’s of Makeup Artist:


The profession is easy acquired unlike other professions, it only takes 2 years to finish the makeup courses, and if you have talent enough the degree is not a hurdle In a way to acquiring a good job, but off-course for your own satisfaction and the eagerness to learn the basics as well as the new techniques of the profession the courses should be considered important by many makeup artists, in short easy courses in limited time duration makes you step into this profession.


In this profession you could easily express your creative abilities and crazy ideas in front of others immediately and if clicked get instant popularity. The creativity is expressed in the facial medium of the people.


The makeup artists get to travel a lot during the course of their work, they are able to discover the pleasure of travelling and watching exotic places of the world while earning handsome amount of money.


The life of the makeup artist is full of fun although it’s hectic but still the fun part makes it easier and it overshadowed the long working hours, meeting new people, attending parties, playing with colors is more exciting than any other thing in the world.


The makeup artist routine is very flexible, the job demands are not that strict as in any other profession, you get to work according to your own needs, the freelance makeup artist works according to their own scheduled hours, so it’s easy to adjust the working hours and get time for the family and other family gatherings.


The makeup artist job is very attractive and full of glamour, meeting celebrities and be a part of their success is very exciting and full of contentment.


Meeting people with different social backgrounds and professions is a plus point of being a makeup artist, your social circle is very vast and you could utilize that client-age in keeping you fully engaged in your profession.


Makeup artist help people to look good and attractive and increase their self confidence a lot, so helping people is a social work which is self satisfactory to many makeup artists.


Makeup artist could get to know the effect and result of their work immediately, if they satisfy their clients, their happy faces keep their inner satisfaction full.


In this profession you are able to put your skills according to your own will, unless if someone dictates you to do according to his or her desire, so you are the master of your own will mostly and able to play with colors of your own choice.


The makeup artists are paid according to their working hours, their skills, their demands and their specialization in a certain category of the makeup artistry, so many makeup artists are being paid a handsome amount of money.

Con’s of Makeup Artist:

The attractive and appealing profession of makeup artistry has many drawbacks as well which are.


The competition which a newcomer faces in this profession are extremely high, so only the person with creative abilities and extreme talent could survive in such high competition.


The makeup artist working schedule is far from routine 9 to 5 one, the working hours are limitless and sometimes the over exceeding working hours are very hectic.


Makeup artist should keep it in mind that there are no regular working hours in this profession sometimes you are very busy and at other times you are working less and have to do other part time jobs to make the ends meet. So it’s not a permanent job to deal with.

These were the pro’s and con’s of the makeup artist profession which I shared with you , no profession is perfect and without any risks or barriers, it’s only hard work , dedication and luck which makes you successful in a profession, so all of you wanted to become a makeup artist make sure you make full use of the points I discussed in the article and then make your mind about why become a makeup artist?.

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