How To Get A Makeup Artist License?

Makeup Artist License

Makeup Artist License

Makeup artists are the sole persons who gave a flawless look to the personalities from different walks of life, whether they are celebrities from film, television, theater, fashion, wedding or big moments of any one’s life. This profession is exciting as well as challenging which put the creative abilities of a makeup artist to test throughout his or her professional career, the makeup artist has to invest in proper education to learn the basics and ongoing trends prevailing in the makeup and fashion industry and be in demand and face the tough competition of the profession.

The person who has the perfect vision of the color palette and could properly guide the friends, family or acquaintances like who could easily identify the lipstick color worn by the model on a famous magazine cover, and could keep track of the latest trends easily, if its so then you could easily get the license of the makeup and make your’s and others world colorful. If you are interested in playing with color’s and have the know how of the color’s which compliment with different skin tones of an individual then you should opt for the further training in this line and end up getting a license and make a living out of the thing which you enjoy and love most. Obtaining a makeup license goes a long way be it a special occasion makeup or a stage makeup, customizing your profession is simple like doing your color palette.

The new upcoming makeup artists who are possessed with the passion for the makeup artistry profession, should follow the path of certification to make their place in the industry, Although the states do not necessarily require the makeup artists to have a licence but still the certification is an important aspect by which a makeup artist could get good earnings and they help you increase in client base. The need of a proper training and the certification is valid, the next things which should be taken into consideration is how to get the license?, what are the different requirements in order to obtain the desired certificate?, what is the training time essential for the makeup artist to acquire a certificate?. The training time and the rules of the training process is different for different states.

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Watch out for the Cosmetology School with Esthetician Program:

For starters all you have to do is watch out for the cosmetology school which have an Esthetician program in it, this program not only includes the training of the student in makeup application but also they provide guidance on other services like waxing, facials. Some experienced makeup artist are the founders of makeup artist schools in many of the states, they make sure the new talent has offered comprehensive certificate programs. These institutions offer basic courses of contouring, highlighting, keeping in mind the facial structure of the client and they offer classes on high fashion makeup, bridal makeup, media and theatrical makeup.

Check the Credentials of the Cosmetology Schools:

Make observations at makeup schools and check their credentials, this could be done by looking at their affiliation with big brands like MAC, Bobbi brown, NARS, Lancome. The specific details of the programs offered in these schools should not be overlooked like if they offer opportunities to have real world photo shoot experience. If the institute is offering such opportunities then after completing their course line there is a good chance you could earn a handsome earning job. These programs are on full time or part time basis, the full cosmetology program is finished in almost 2 years of time, the aesthetic course is done in 650 hours which is like 6 months. Few schools provide the long time education training on a course to course basis for those persons already working in cosmetology field and wants to concentrate on the makeup department .

Hunt for Schools which offer Learning Platforms:

Makeup artist should hunt for that school which offers a learning platform and end up being a successful makeup artist plus which offers all the knowledge about upcoming trends of the makeup industry, the base of the makeup artist should be sound enough and it gives an edge ahead of others.

Makeup Application License is as Diverse as Colors in Palette:

The makeup artists another major task is to make sure the client’s skin is free from irritations and rashes, as they deal with different types of skins and should be aware of the aftereffects of different makeup products on different skins, permanent makeup is the popular trend these days and its taking the beauty marketplace by storm, there are different makeup license application similar to the different colors present at a beauty counter, like eyes, brows, lips permanent makeup application license.

Get Colorful Future with Makeup Artist License:

The variations in the colors keep the profession glamorous, bright and vast, and especially its full of diversification for those who seek to mold the fresh faces next generation, According to a survey report in 2007 the job demands are tremendous and in need for a fresh talent, the 75 percent vacant places are found in saloons who are in search for the qualified makeup artists. This ratio is very attractive in today’s world of high rate of unemployment. The question is how to fulfill the demands of those jobs and qualify yourself accordingly?. All states offer a mandatory license to practice aesthetics or cosmetology, in order to work in a saloon or spa you have to have a license in these two specific fields. While working for the film industry the licence in the cosmetology and aesthetics is not necessary.

The Demands to acquire the Makeup Artist License:

The applicants age must be about 16 years to be eligible for the makeup license, should have a high school diploma and should have the graduation degree from the accredited cosmetology or aesthetic school. The graduates have to undergo a license exam which consists of part of written test, part of oral test and it also includes practical test demonstrating their skills.

The Prospects for certified Makeup Artists:

According to the bureau of labor statistics the prospects for the certified makeup artists are good an they foresee the future of the beauty experts bright and full of vibrant colors, they foresee faster rate of growth for appearance related professionals like makeup artists, the data obtained from the BLS shows that the minimum earning of the makeup artist is about $7.47/ hour and maximum it is $20.41/ hour, the annual earnings range about $15,530 to $42.460.

These were the main things to keep in mind while getting a makeup license and start earning with a license in one hand , makeup kit in another and finding a job in a saloon, spa that’s hiring in your locality. Keeping all the above mentioned things in mind, do not ever forget to check the license requirements of your state board, as if you are violating the rules and regulation of the state law regarding the makeup license its probable that your career be cut short and at stake, go according to the rules of your state and enjoy all the benefits of your wonderful profession of a licensed makeup artist.

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