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Considering a career as a makeup artist

Choosing a profession has been always a thing to consider closely, be it any profession you like to take on in your future life, the importance of a your decision in selecting right profession shows in different ways throughout any one’s life span. The impossible is the word which many wise people take as “I am possible” , so there is nothing in the world which you cannot achieve if you are determined to go for it.

Circumstances in life surrounding you play a major role in deciding where you will lead to, they guide you , prompt you and motivate you accordingly. The makeup artist mind set is different in the sense that they make things happen which does not exist, they make imaginations reality, they make their characters breathe and cast an imaginative spell on the mind of the audience through their skillful art. Like in any other profession the first thing which makes you succeed is your interest.

Lifestyle of the makeup artists is very peculiar yet it have an attractive glamour attach to it which is hard to deny, the variations in this field and the different categories need specific know-how related to the particular sub field. Nothing in the world is achieved if you have lack of interest in it. There is no discrimination regarding the fact who should become a makeup artist, it’s your GOD given talent and determination which let you move ahead in this or in any other profession.

He or she , Who should become a makeup artist must be able to follow the footprints of the established people in the field, and consider the pro and cons of this profession, only those should proceed in this field who are able to adjust themselves comfortably. Preparation is the first thing to do before opting for the makeup artist career.

Makeup Quote by Makeup Artist Kesha

Makeup Quote by Makeup Artist Kesha

Follow Your Instincts:

The first thing is following your instincts, make sure you have a proper interest in this field, judge your abilities yourself, makeup artistry is not an easy task, professional makeup artist have tough competition ahead, counteracting with celebrities, entering into a world of glamour and being a part of the powerful media are tempting enough to blind anyone. Creativity is the key to success in any practical profession which requires implementation, observation is the basic tool which is essential for the creation of anything, observation leads to know how about things, curiosity about the origin of things, facts, are the root cause of creation, and creativity makes a way of its own in between the old world of tremendous talent. But be wise enough to calculate your own abilities regarding the makeup artist profession, if you are positive, make an aim and work hard in preparing yourself to reach the top.

Tough Competition:

Makeup artist career has so much tough competition unlike other professions that the vacant seats are hard to find and are very rare, for example in the Hollywood film industry majority of the films are made, yet they have no vacancies for the fresh talented makeup artist for the next 10 years, their current makeup artist is sufficient enough to fulfill the needs of the ever growing films. Only people of extreme patience and loyal to the profession could survive and make a room in the already suffocating scenario. Competing with established giants of the film , fashion industry and replacing them is the luckiest chance of a lifetime for the fresh makeup artist.

Working At Odd Hours:

The makeup artist working schedule is hectic as well, the schedule is not set and never maintained, working day and night consecutively and not working for several hours or in fact for weeks is a routine work. Sometimes you do not get work as a freelancer as well and you have to sit work-less, and at other times you do not have time and work day and night continuously away from home, so life of the makeup artist is sort of gypsy life away from home and very unpredictable routine of work. Only the people who could adjust themselves in this erratic lifestyle are able to make their careers ahead.

Continuous Struggle With Patience:

The continuous struggle, reading magazines, faces, experimenting with the already existing ideas prevailing among the old masters of the makeup industry. Getting formal training from the recognized institution to polish your skills and add plus points to your portfolio are the major thing makeup artist should be aware of and should do to enter, survive and establish in the makeup artistry field . Sometimes you are not paid off and have to compensate with money, work for free just to enhance and build your portfolio, these are all parts of the profession things and makeup artist should be able to compromise in such terms. Working with already established makeup artist gives confidence, experience and increase your social contacts which could benefit you in the long run of the profession.

Cordial Behavior And Presentable Personality:

Meeting new people and making them satisfy with your skills is very tough, adjusting with different behavior of people and convincing them with your talent, making your personality as such that people get inspiration from you and your professional approach is depicted in your whole attire, people should be able to pick your skillful talent and approach from your attire and presentation of your personality. Makeup artist should have such qualities and if not should be able to portray them and make them a part of their life. The successful makeup artist is very cordial and humble and have a great circle of fans due to this quality.

Room To Improve:

Perfection is a dangerous feeling, no one is perfect, there is always a room for improvement, a good makeup artist should always look for new ideas, and make a check on themselves, be their own critics, challenge themselves with new ideas, the beauty industry has the capacity to change at a daily basis, the makeup artist should adapt themselves to the changing environment, keep updated with the changing trends and add freshness to it by their experimented ideas. Able to deliver best.


Makeup artist plays with colors and give actors, characters, celebrities, common man their due respect and give them a chance to play their role in the film industry, fashion industry, publishing department, their special occasions like wedding, functions with ease and make their event special. They groom people and add confidence in their personalities, they add glamour in the life and gave entertainment new dimensions and enjoyment in lives. People who could perform these tasks with a sense of responsibility are the one’s who should become a makeup artist.

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