5 Tips To Avoid Foundation Mistakes

Tips to Avoid Foundation Mistakes

Tips to Avoid Foundation Mistakes

In our part of the world people have this false misapprehension that concealing your natural beauty through applying loads of makeup makes you attractive, whereas makeup literates believe that makeup enhances your beauty GOD has given you.

Choosing wrong foundation is major makeup Foux, applying the right type of foundation makes a huge difference. Acquiring a clear flawless skin is every girl dream and that you could achieve is By avoiding the 5 blunders which I am going to discuss below:

Going For The Wrong Shade

Most people make this mistake, it is impossible for anyone to be perfect so its not a big deal, no one is content with their skin tones, majority of the white beauties crave for tanned skin where as we the medium tone skin girls wish they could be more fair, with this type of thinking choosing a wrong shade of foundation is no big deal, wanting to be fairer girls choose much lighter shade of foundation and ends up looking like as if they are wearing a white mask, avoid it, this will make you look unnatural.

Go for the shade which matches your skin, apply the shade on your jaw line and lightly blend it into our skin. If you see the black and white patches then its not the right shade of foundation for you, choose the one which blends exactly with your skin and doesn’t look visible on your skin.

Another issue in our country is that the makeup salesmen are not aware of the products they are advertising and thus are of no use. They cannot guide you well, so don’t fool yourself by their advice, apply the foundation and observe the result in natural daylight instead of the interior lights.

Select the right type of coverage as well, full coverage foundation is for models and brides who have to look flawless under heavy lights, I suggest light coverage for daily use and keeping in mind your skin type it may vary, if you have normal and dry skin do not apply anything which makes your face look more dry, apply liquid foundation, for easy covering moisturizers and cream would be fine.

For oily skin types the recommended foundation is powder form, liquid foundations could be used as well but make sure they keep the excessive oil at bay, mineral based powder foundation are best for you, the same rule applies to the combination skin type.

Choosing Wrong Undertone

Girls here think that pink undertone makes your complexion look glossy and fresh. This opinion is not true, we have generally warm skin and with pink undertone it will end up ashy, so picking up the right foundation and applying wrong undertone will make your face look dull and of no use. For the fresh pink glow on your face apply pink blusher and highlighter, and for best results pick a yellow based foundation, do not apply too much of foundation on your face in the attempt to look fairer, it will clog your skin pores and create acne problems, use concealers to conceal the pigments and acne if you have any.

Proper Blending

Use your fingers, sponge or a brush to apply foundation, proper blending is important no matter which of the previous tools you make use of, if you do not blend your foundation well then it will end up looking funny, you can start blending from one side of the face and blend all the way to the other side and do not leave your neck and jaw line.

Moisturizer Application Is Necessary

Using moisturizer before foundation application is a must, moisturizer helps in smooth blending of the foundation with your skin, this way you won’t leave out the dry patches nude, some people think that there is no need of moisturizer if you have oily skin but its not true, even the oily skin needs hydration, continuous striping of oil from the skin results in overactive sebaceous(skin gland) which will produce more oil, moisturizers also prevent oxidizing of foundation thus your foundation won’t change its color over the time and become dull looking, 2 types of moisturizers are available in the market hydrating and mattifying, choose according to your skin need.

Fixing Your Foundation

Last but not the least, fixing of the foundation is also an important factor, this could be done by applying face powder according to your skin tone, The powder won’t let your foundation wear off easily and will also give your makeup a neat look.

By making use of these foundation tips I am sure you will find a great difference to your makeup. Try my tips and be a new you.

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