DIY: Face Mask For Dry Skin


The main satisfaction which you get from the chores you do yourself, be it any field of life including makeup is of no match, plenty of cosmetic products are available in the market to boost your appearance but if you have an alternative of homemade masks why spend plenty of money on the expensive moisturizers and masks. I am going to guide you through this do it yourself face mask which is surely an inexpensive, easy with no side effects alternative for the expensive branded makeup products. This homemade facial mask definitely would prove fruitful with dramatic effects and you will surely notice the huge difference in your skin before and after its application.

With the arrival of the winter majority of the ladies had to combat with the dry skin problems, I have come up with this easy and inexpensive face mask which would provide a solution for the dry skin, do not miss out a chance to try this mask which includes the natural ingredients and you are free from the fear of any breakouts which could result in trying out a new product with unknown chemicals in it.


Egg yolk
Lemon juice
Olive oil


Take the egg yolk of one egg and put one teaspoon of honey in it, add half lemon juice and two teaspoons of milk in it, stir it well and apply this mask on your face and neck for 20 min, wash your face and neck with lukewarm water and massage your face and neck with two drops of olive oil for 5 min in soft circular movements. For best result apply this mask before going to bed at night and you will visibly see the huge difference in your skin after a few applications. Use this mask twice a week. For ladies who have drier skin the applications could be increased to four times weekly. This mask works magical wonders to your skin. Try this mask and update us about your opinion, enjoy.

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