Brown Eye Makeup Ideas

Eyes are the important facial feature which when properly highlighted with great makeup raises every women personality. To create a dramatic effect with makeup, its important that eyes stand out. The secret behind those fluttery and provocative eyes is lining and redefining them, today I am going to enlighten you with the wide diversity of […]

Simple Makeup Routine

daily makeup-

Women all across the globe are makeup freaks and like to buy each and every makeup product which they could lay their hands on, as a result of which we have piles of makeup collection in our possession, the majority of which often remain untouched, as many of us are makeup illiterates in spite of […]

5 Wedding Makeup Ideas

Wedding Makeup ideas

  Wedding is the most special occasion in anyone’s life, you need to look different, stylish, unique and above all most beautiful among the gathering, so that all eyes fix on you, catch the attention of all immediately and why not?, Its your special day after all and you need to be in the spotlight, […]

5 Bad Makeup Ideas

Bad Makeup Ideas

Makeup ideas, information, tips are loaded in different makeup magazines, beauty and makeup blogs, YouTube videos, hence tremendous sources are just a click away from us which keep us updated about our favorite topic that is makeup, inspite of all the information, still there are so many chances of bad makeup ideas pouring into our […]

5 Tips To Avoid Foundation Mistakes

Tips to Avoid Foundation Mistakes

In our part of the world people have this false misapprehension that concealing your natural beauty through applying loads of makeup makes you attractive, whereas makeup literates believe that makeup enhances your beauty GOD has given you. Choosing wrong foundation is major makeup Foux, applying the right type of foundation makes a huge difference. Acquiring […]

What is Beauty?

About Beauty

Beauty is the quality of any object be it living or non living which could please and satisfy the aesthetic senses. The criteria of beauty are different to different people, the perception of beauty among people give strength to the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone wants to look beautiful […]

Am I Beautiful?

Am i beautiful

Beauty is skin deep, as all of us know but there are thousands of myths , sayings and puzzles which prevail in the minds of people related to beauty, no matter how feminist a lady is and her thoughts regarding she is perfect and should be loved as such, there still lurks some hope of […]

How To Choose a Makeup Artist School?

Makeup Artist Schools

Makeup artist’s profession is not an easy one as it seems to most of the people, interesting makeup artistry profession demands tough and hectic routine and extreme dedication of the makeup artists. Although the profession does not require a license or a degree from a particular school or makeup college but in order to get to know the […]

Makeup Artist Salary

Makeup Artist Salary

Whenever we see a model, actress, model for runways, model advertising for a certain product, brides, the wow look is appreciated by all, the flawless closer to artificial look these people have is the artistry done on them by the skillful hands of the makeup artist. These talented people give lots of variations to the […]

How To Get A Makeup Artist License?

Makeup Artist License

Makeup artists are the sole persons who gave a flawless look to the personalities from different walks of life, whether they are celebrities from film, television, theater, fashion, wedding or big moments of any one’s life. This profession is exciting as well as challenging which put the creative abilities of a makeup artist to test […]

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