Brown Eye Makeup Ideas

Eyes are the important facial feature which when properly highlighted with great makeup raises every women personality. To create a dramatic effect with makeup, its important that eyes stand out. The secret behind those fluttery and provocative eyes is lining and redefining them, today I am going to enlighten you with the wide diversity of brown eye shadow, how this natural looking color could contour, redefine, add depth to your eyes and make interesting, glamorous changes to the most prominent feature of your face, this cool earthy shade could add vast variations to your looks and a makeup artist love to experiment with the brown eye shadow range.

One color which rank in the list of top colors among makeup artist is the brown eye shadow, you could experience a dramatic result after using this earthy color in different color combinations, this all rounder color merge and compliment with all skin types and tones, thus emerging as the foremost priority among ladies across the globe, makeup tips regarding the beauty and depth of the eyes rely solely on the usage of this natural looking brown makeup shades, they give maximum impact and that why everyone use it mostly no matter what time of a day or what type of a function or a meeting one is attending, due to its magical aspect the brown eye shadow is liked and in demand.

Tremendous looks could be achieved by playing with your brown eye shadow palette which makes the color rule among the vast variety of colors, variation in makeup looks through this color includes:

Natural Makeup Look

With light to medium shades of brown colors you attain a healthy natural look, nature as always is in, shadows with bronze shades goes well with brown tones. Your eyes are well accentuated with these brown tones and look natural.

Professional Makeup Look

With a slight matte and a shimmer shades of brown you could acquire a professional makeup look in few strokes of a brush, this classic looks with brown shades goes along in professional meetings or appointments.

Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Smokey eye makeup is all about adding a dramatic tinges with additional darker shades of browns and blacks, this makeup look is acquired during day or night both as it adds a certain glamour and suspense to your personality, brown color is complemented with black to create Smokey eye makeup look.

Evening Eye Makeup Look

Evening makeup means experimenting with more depths of colors and here you have more choices as well, with dark shades of browns and a hinge of shimmer you compliment your perfect evening makeup looks.

How to Apply Brown Eye Shadow

The above mentioned variations in looks with important brown shades is done simply if you know the basic techniques of makeup application, let me guide you through it, natural looks could be created if you pick the lighter shades of brown, all you have to do is take the color one or two shades deeper than your own skin tone, apply this color on your eyelid area and proceed with the same color on your eyebrows.

Classic day time makeup for eye wear have the same technique of application as that of the natural eye makeup but you could choose a medium brown for this too and apply it in your eyelid area or just on the crease, this will give a two toned effect to your eyes as the lid area is lighter in shade than the crease giving depth to your eyes, dab your eye liner brush in distilled water and apply the same darker brown shade to outline your eyes with brush, this finishes your perfect day time brown eye makeup look.

Perfect evening makeup looks are created with neutral colors, the secret is to use them in proper intensity, the dim lights in the evening are overcomed by applying a single brown color and enhancing it to its maximum, create depth in eyes by a single color, use the color to the crease of your eyelids and then on the outer corners of your eyes.

Creating a Smokey eye is all fun when it is done with brown eye shades, these browns make Smokey eye look very simple and easy, to start a Smokey eye makeup, choose darker shade of brown, apply this color on the entire lid area even smudge it below and above your eyes, apply a thick eye liner to outline the eyes.

In addition to these looks brown eye shadow are usefully applied to contour face and neck area, lighter shade of brown are used to fill in eye brows, cheeks are highlighted with the darker shades of brown than your skin tone, you could hide your double chin by creating a fake illusion of depth by the darker shades of brown eye shadows, use dark shades under chin and all along the jaw area to mask the double chin.

After reading all above mentioned qualities of brown eye shadow, you will never look at your eye shadow palette and consider the brown eye shadow an ordinary color, this magical color is a delight to all makeup lovers.

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