How To Become a Makeup Artist

How to become a Makeup Artist

Become a Makeup Artist

The professional skilled makeup artists are not made overnight, instead it takes lots of hard work and additional opportunities which come across them and above all it needs a lot of time and patience in this field. The professional does not require a degree or license to practice their skills in the majority of the states but still if you have the certificate in your hands, it boosts your self confidence, they develop good basic skills and techniques by enrollment in a particular makeup school. The establishment in this field comes after practicing makeup skills on different individuals with the passage of time and thus building their clientele, the individual makeup artist approach towards their clients and their popularity in the field have as much variation as the colors which the makeup artist has in their palettes.

The question how do I become a makeup artist? Could be solved if you ask different established makeup artist about this, after a thorough survey majority of the makeup artist revealed their trade secrets. The foremost tip for the upcoming makeup artist is the 3 p which is the key to success for the majority of the professionals of the artistry field, and they are practice, practice and practice.

Practice Is The Key To Success:

Nothing is achieved if you are not able to perform your skills and portray it on different facial canvases which you could gather around you. Practice makes a man perfect, plus it ensures you of your talent as well, by looking at your performing art on different faces you could easily
satisfy yourself and others with the skills you posses.

Professional And Friendly Attitude:

The main ingredient in the make of professional makeup artist is their attitude, the friendly humble attitude of the makeup artist towards their clients counts a lot , the makeup artists have to deal with clients of different mental level and should behave cordially with all of them and be able to satisfy their clients perfectly.

Product Knowledge:

The makeup artist knowledge about the prevailing products in the cosmetology field should be thorough that if their clients inquire about any makeup products, they should be able to give a suitable reply which makes their clients satisfy and build a trust that they are in safe hands, if the makeup artist is not certain about any product how could he or she make the client satisfy, for that the artists should visit the makeup counters regularly and keep themselves updated and do not hesitate to gain knowledge about the new products available in the market.

Avail The Opportunities In Your Surroundings:

There is no hard and fast rule regarding becoming a makeup artist, instead its just the ability to avail the vast range of opportunities which prevails in the area where you live and work as a makeup artist. For those of you living in country areas, the major source of clients’ works comes from functions like weddings, and other special occasions, whereas people living in larger towns must avail the opportunities of working for the fashion shows, studio based makeovers, photo shoots, big cities offer opportunities like working in TV, theater, films, commercials and many more from the endless lists of opportunities.

Able To Recreate Styles Of Magazine:

For the beginners interested in becoming makeup artists, they should obtain first hand knowledge of styles from the fashion magazines, and try to recreate that style in your own way and give variations to that particular style by experimenting with colors on different models starting from yourself, the talented makeup artist has all sorts of ideas coming freely into their minds and are at ease in creating magic with them.

Try Your Skills On Your Family And Friends:

The first models of any makeup artist should be family members, close friends, relatives, try to experiment different styles, colors and techniques of your liking on your family and friends first, and if you could satisfy them, you will be confident enough to learn the basics of the trade from the particular schools or college. The family and friends advice is honest and they are true critics of your work also.

Formal Training:

The formal training from schools and colleges of makeup is not an easy job as it is very expensive, not all could afford to spend that much amount of money and make it a profession, for that all you have to do is check the school and colleges which provide freelance makeup, the Academy of freelance makeup offers good training to the makeup artists which are interested in acquiring basic knowledge. Though the makeup artist does not require any professional degree to work but they should have the knowledge for their own edge in the field, and add plus points to your resume. If you do not intend to join any school for the degree then you must work at a makeup counter to get the experience of doing makeup of different clients plus have to knowledge about the new cosmetic products available in the market and their results for different customers.

Study And Observe The Techniques Of Established Makeup Artist:

There is no limit of gaining the knowledge, for making yourself successful in the field of makeup artistry , you should study the techniques, styles of the established giants of the makeup industry, this way you will be able to make yourself updated about the latest trends of the profession and also will be able to judge yourself better, follow the tricks and tips of the successful makeup artist and l learn a lot from them, try to watch their tutorials which are easily available on YouTube, or observe their styles from reading fashion magazines.

Try To Volunteer:

Now after you have some basic know how, try to advertise your talent by volunteering your skills to your friends, relatives, by offering free makeup services to them, this way you will gain experience and good reputation among your gathering and will get the chance to advertise your skills at wide range. Building your customer scenario through volunteering freely is a tip of the trade, give your business card to the clients who could recommend you to others.

Build Solid Portfolio:

The advantage of volunteering is that you will have the best chance of developing a solid and sound portfolio through it, which is essential for any professional makeup artist, The portfolio have the record of all the photographs which represents your skills, while working for a movie set, get good pictures of your work. If you are working with a fashion photographer, make a deal with him that you will volunteer free makeup if you get good quality pictures of your work in return, this deal is called TFP. Get good contacts by working in association with schools and colleges which offer good photography courses.

Kenneth Williams Quote

Kenneth Williams Quote

Specialize According To Your Interest:

After you have developed the basic skills try to specialize in that field of makeup artistry where your interest lies. Makeup artists have various options to choose from and build a strong portfolio, for instance if you are interested in films and theater you should consider joining a professional organization like, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. You should market your talent if you are interested in wedding makeup, for that you should try to team up with hairstylist for events and show your portfolio to the gatherings of the events, you should discuss with local makeup artist, show them your portfolio and find out if anyone is interested in hearing if you want to do regional makeup on local makeup counter.

Go one step further and get training and take courses in special makeup effects, permanent makeup, these courses will make your portfolio attractive and let you earn a good job with handsome earnings, you should get training from professional makeup artists who work in these specialties or from product manufacturers.

Try to get training with a makeup manufacturer, and certify yourself as a professional makeup artist by association with a brand name, this will boost your clientele ratio as certain clients are very loyal towards the brand they are using for years, the makeup manufacturers offer training courses now and then, try to be in contact with them and avail these opportunities of increasing your knowledge.

Work in assistance with makeup designers, who in turn work for fashion designers, photographers, film and television productions, this will help you a lot in learning the secret tips and techniques of makeup application.

Although makeup license is not essential for the makeup artist, but it’s better to get one from your state cosmetology board, this license is necessary to work for a spa or a saloon being a resident professional makeup artist.Makeup artist’s work is started long before the scene is being filmed, so the makeup artist should have the potential of working for long hours, they are usually called early and their work finished late, at the start of the career of a makeup artist, uncomfortable environment without paying are usual, the makeup artist mind set should be flexible enough to cope with such conditions without affecting their skills, and earning good reputation along with it.

The makeup artist is required to provide their own tools and makeup, they are directed according to the situation and demand of the scene while working in films or television, they are instructed about the colors they can and cannot use in a certain situation. The makeup artist should be able to follow the instructions well in an organized way.

While building your career as a makeup artist, you have to do other jobs to make the ends meet, as initial working without pay will get you nowhere, majority of the makeup artist do other jobs as well, like working as casting agent or production agent assistants, working in the nightclub industry will introduce to people who need your talent.

Confident Of Your Skills:

Last but not the least, you should be confident enough of your skills to be able to persuade others and make a room and space of yourself in the vast and ever changing field of cosmetology, be cordial and make good contacts with other makeup artist, these tips of the trade will make you go far in the profession.

Taking in mind all the above mentioned tips and tricks of the established makeup artists, I am sure everyone wanted to become a makeup artist will find an answer to his or question of how do I become a makeup artist?.

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