What is Beauty?

About Beauty

About Beauty

Beauty is the quality of any object be it living or non living which could please and satisfy the aesthetic senses. The criteria of beauty are different to different people, the perception of beauty among people give strength to the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone wants to look beautiful and supersede others, the wish to attain heights of beauty has no limits.

Beauty captivates the minds, revolves, give meaningful joy to our senses and most of the times create conflicts between people. Like every other thing beauty has both perspectives attached to it, namely the positive and negative ones. Beauty creates harmony of forms, texture, color, truthfulness and is limitless, no one could limit beauty in age, gender, color, shape of the body or size.

Beauty means balance of proportions in a way which could attract anyone, you cannot resist beauty nor deny its existence. God has created the universe and spread beauty in it to please mankind. From ancient times till today people are craving to be beautiful and their wish to follow beauty is endless. Being beautiful boost your confidence and makes you happy.

Margaret Hungerford Quote

Margaret Hungerford Quote

Beauty is a feeling which many people feel before they think about it, this feeling is portrayed in their work, their behavior, their connection with other people, like a happy person see beauty in almost everything they come across and the opposite thing happens the other way round. Beauty has the power to make things happen, this power attached with beauty makes it overwhelming and is appreciated by all rest.

Members of both genders crave and try to look beautiful as much as possible, to achieve the goal they take help of cosmetics and all modern era lavish facilities to enrich their beauty. The question arises in our minds that what is beauty?. And how could we acquire it in minimum time?. Beauty is self satisfaction, do not compare yourself with others and fix a criteria of beauty in your minds. Be open and self confident of your own beauty and think of enhancing GOD given beauty rather than molding yours in to others footsteps.

Beauty is not such a characteristic which pops out by applying lots of cosmetics neither you could locate it working on a treadmill, beauty lies within yourself. Beauty is a rose which blossoms inside you and portrays in your lively, captivating spirit which is visibly attractive. Confident women carry a force which could neither be stopped nor be pinned down, this force is a beauty which stays with you in all circumstances.

Every person is uniquely beautiful, there is not a single replica of you so why want to be like someone else, just stay confident of your own beauty and find ways to enhance and exhibit your beauty, do not distract yourself with others. Women encounter beauty in different forms like natural, healthy, wonderful, fabulous, unique and they should try to make use of these forms of beauty in the best way possible. A smile could lighten up your face instantly and increase your beauty tremendously.

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