5 Bad Makeup Ideas

Bad Makeup Ideas

Bad Makeup Ideas

Makeup ideas, information, tips are loaded in different makeup magazines, beauty and makeup blogs, YouTube videos, hence tremendous sources are just a click away from us which keep us updated about our favorite topic that is makeup, inspite of all the information, still there are so many chances of bad makeup ideas pouring into our routine which results in major mistakes, ruining our makeup looks, excess of makeup advice leads to confusion, contradiction, complication and sometimes its impractical too, some information is fake which is adverse towards our skin, so it’s very important to rethink before following any advice blindly.

I have sorted some bad makeup ideas, especially for all my lovely readers, which are very useful for you all beautiful ladies, it can prevent you from making makeup mistakes and ruining your looks, it would be a lot easier for you now to achieve the glamorous look without the wastage of money, time and is safest for your skin, avoid these bad makeup ideas and you will look beautiful and lovely day and night throughout the year.

1. Avoid Full Makeup Daily

Try to avoid wearing full makeup daily, its not important that you wear full eye makeup on daily basis instead go for a simple look, that way you will looking stunning in full makeup when you wear it seldom and your skin would also get time to breathe and feel fresh, foundation, concealer, lipstick, blushers, mascara and if needed a face powder is enough on daily basis makeup regime, using eye-shadows on daily basis consume lot of time and if you apply it in a hurry it will ruin your overall makeup look.

2. Avoid Using Dark And Light Tones Of Concealer

Concealer application is must for almost all ladies as we seldom find any skin which have no marks and is as flawless as that of a newborn child, air pollution, diet, lack of sleep, tension are all factors which lead towards the appearance of marks, acne, under eye dark circles, wrinkles, uneven tones, in all these circumstances concealing is the best alternative available, selecting right tone of concealer is as important as selecting the perfect foundation tone for your skin, if you wear too light or too dark tone of concealer, it will look very odd and instead of hiding the marks and uneven skin tone it will make them more obvious and strange, what you need to do is select a flesh tone of concealer which is two shades lighter than your foundation, no yellow, orange or lavender tones of concealer would be better for you.

3. Do Not Ignore Lip Color

Lip color is a must in the completion of a good makeup, do not ever try to skip this important step of makeup, lip color adds life to your face and it immediately makes a dull looking face bright, in fact, it polishes and lift your face, always keep on experimenting with different lip color shades on your skin and be bold enough to cross the limit of your comfort zone colors, creativity is always the result of experimentation and is a unique thing, remember that bold and bright colors looks best on thin lips where as large lips looks soft with lighter shades of lip colors, do not ever apply bright colors on large lips as they would make them ominous, if you want to add shine on your lips with lip gloss, do not try to overdo it with large amount of lip gloss, it will make your lips alien with the rest of your facial features and plus if you have fine lines around your lips, excess of lipstick, gloss will seep into these lines and destroy your neat look and you need to retouch your lipstick after a while.

4. Avoid Using Extra Glitter Or Shine

Try not to be carried away with the extra glitter or shine while doing makeup, especially glitter looks awful in daytime, all that glitters is not gold is a saying which fits perfect in this situation, no doubt glitter is an essential part of your makeup, but avoid overdoing it, glittery look is a spice in the evening, but it’s a distraction during day time, there are many radiance boosting cosmetic products are available in the market which give a tinge of glitter resulting in the soft and supple look without over doing.

5. Avoid Making Stripes Of Blush

The proper blending of the blush is an important aspect of makeup, if you just dab your blusher on to your cheeks to make it apples of cheeks, then it’s a bad idea and a total disaster, use a good brush for the application, a soft blush color and lighter even strokes to merge them well on to your cheeks giving it a rosy appearance rather than the slap marks, no lines should be evident on the starting and ending points of the blusher brush, if you want an even look, try applying a powder on top of the blusher to blend it well, if you do not merge the blusher properly into your cheeks then it’s a bad makeup idea.

Make sure you avoid all these makeup mistakes or I should say bad makeup ideas if you want a dramatic and beautiful makeup look, follow my sorted advice and experience the fresh, soft and the new look.

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